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(no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2006|01:44 am]
[Current Mood |blahblah]
[Current Music |how to save a life- the fray]

so. My job pretty much sucks. I know. It does. working a consession stand is a fucking bad job. Gah. Oh well. And I'm working like 38 hours this week! 38 hours. So much. The only thing that makes that kind of ok is that hopefully I'll get a fat paycheck. Hopefully. And then I'll open my own bank account and everything. How fun. But 38 hours. I hope I start to liek the job better. There are pretty cool people working there sometimes so I hope I have fun sometimes this week. I don't think many people work there on the weekdays. And I'm the only one working that much. Like wtf. Its fine like once in awhile to work like 38 hours a week but they better not work me that much every week or I will not be happy. Just because I'm not doing anything really this summer doesn't mean you get to work me almost 40 hours. thats not cool. really. and I work 4th of july of course. 11 to 7:30. I dont get to partake in any picnics or anything I guess. But I will get off in time to go watch fireworks. Lucky me. I get thursday off only because I requested off so I can go to registration for college. I have to get up at like 6:30 that day. god. And Tomorrow I have off so I can go see the goo goo dolls/ counting crows concert. Which will be amazing. there's no doubt. can't wait.

The goo goo dolls are actually staying at my brothers hotel. Isn't that amazing??? I want to go get their autographs so bad. they are actually probably arriving at the hotel right this minute. omg. Can't wait until the concert.

My brother bought me a beach cruiser. Its pink. So cute. I'll post a pic sometime. We went riding today down to the back bay. It was amazing. Wonderful views. And the trail to get there is so pretty. Theres like this little meadow where there were seriously like 6 little bunnies like just hanging out. Like just sitting there out int he open and hopping around. It was crazy. They're so cute. I took pics too, I'll post them eventually.

Gah living here is so much better than living at mom and dad's ever was. I can't wait until like I start getting pay checks and I start like having a more routine living here. And I need to get to the gym imediately. Really.

Gah, life. My brother makes everything ok. and thats the reason he's amazing. If I didn't have him my life would be like 100 times worse. Too bad he's marrying a bitch. I love him.
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Yay!!! [Jun. 22nd, 2006|06:23 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

omg I have a job!!! Thats right. I got a job. I had my interview at 5:45 but the manager was late so it didnt start until like 5:50 and it ended at like 5:55. He asked why I wanted to work there and about my volunteer work. And then he asked why out of all the people he's interviewing he should pick me. And I said because my hours are really flexible, I live really close so I'll never have trouble getting here, and I'm a really hard worker. And he said "Ok. Well, do you have any questions for me?" And I said "yeah. Do you know when you're going to make your decision by?" And he said "that's a good question. Right now. You're hired." And I was like "Really??" And he said "Yeah. when are you available to fill out paperwork?" And I said "Right now." and he said he had interviews until 8:30 so could I come back then and I said yes! omg I have a job! Finally! No more searching or filling out applications or going on stupid interviews! Gah I'm soo excited!!! Yay!!!
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2006|04:54 pm]
[Current Mood |nervousnervous]

wow, so much has happened since my last post. I finished moving on Father's day. And everything is pretty perfect living here. I love having my brothers right here and Mike stopped by after work everyday this week so far until like 9 because he works down here and wanted to wait out the traffic. It's sooo much better than living at my parent's house. I have my own bathroom and my room is big and not all cluttered like the last one. It's so much more fun here. The only bad thing is my brother bugging me so fucking much to get a job. And I do really need one but still. I've targeted Fashion Island for a job because it's soooo close and so amazingly beautiful there. I've just filled out an application for the Edwards cinemas in Fashion island on Tuesday. and they just called me an hour ago and asked if I could come in at 5:45 for an interview. I need this job so bad and I'd pretty much do anyything to a) get my brother off my back and b) not have to fill out anymore ridiculous applications or go in for anymore interviews or wait for anymore callbacks for a long while. I'm so nervous for this interview because getting this job would be amazing for the reason of no more stress in searching for a job. And I think at a movie theatre I could meet some pretty cool people because I really need to meet some people down here around my age. And I can get my brothers and myself into free movies. amazing. Gah I need this job so bad, I hope I hope I hope I do well in this interview and I get a job. Words cannot describe the feeling of that weight being lifted off my shoulders. Gah, wish me luck. I hope I don't fuck up this interview like I fucked up the last.
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(no subject) [Jun. 17th, 2006|01:27 am]
I'm just realizing how much I'm going to miss this room. Even though I hate this room. Its too small, too much stuff in it, ugly. But still this has been my room for awhile and I am used to it. I'm going to miss this house. As much as I hate it- it's still my home. It's going to be so weird for the first few weeks living somewhere new. I've lived in this house my whole life- except for that year when I was 4/5 where we lived in murietta. I, however, will not miss my mom and dad fighting and my mom yelling and so on. It will be so wonderful to be away from that. Sometimes my brother is a douche though. So I'm a little worried about that. oh well.

I'm really going to miss all the stores and restaurants around here. I don't know where anything is over there. I get lost constantly. It's really really annoying. Like whenever I think of things I need to buy I always think in terms of stores we have around here. It's going to be weird to have all these different stores I'm going to have to go to. Gah. Oh well, it has to happen sometime. I didn't plan to live in Yorba Linda forever so it's either now or later. It's just going to be so weird.

I'm hoping my brother will let me bring my treadmill. I haven't asked him or talked about it or anything. It actually belongs to my other brother but I use it here because he doesnt have enough room in his condo. I use it all the time too and I'm the only one who does. And he told e if I wanted I could take it with me to Brian's because I'm the only one who uses it. But theres obviously no place to put it in his apartment. However there is plenty of room for it in the garage. I dont see why we can't put it in there. As long as there is an outlet out there and there has to be right? Then I dont really have to go to the gym. I probabaly will sometimes, but the treadmill is really all I use and it would be sooo convinient to be right there, I don't want to drive to the gym everyday. And I don't like people watching me while I work out. Now I get to watch TV while I workout though and when I move to Brian's I wont. I guess I could just listen to my ipod. meh.

Moving day is exciting/scary.

I have to get up early (gag) tomorrow for my sister in law's baby shower and I do not want it. I've stayed up to late.

I'm obsessed with my laptop. It hurts my back and bum sitting at my computer desk for so long. Sitting back in bed is a million times better. I think I'm in love. I need a wireless router immediately for the apartment. Unless I can steal wireless internet from someone else in the complex.
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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2006|02:17 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

gah my brother just called the furniture guy and he said my furniture is ready! my brother said we can pick it up tomorrow. So I'm going to have my furniture tomorrow! its crazy. but he said the adelphia guy can't come until tuesday to put my TV hookup in my room. so a few days without TV...it will be hard lol. of course my brother has a TV in the living room and one in his room too so its not that big of deal. Plus I already have my computer hookup in there. I need to get a wireless router though so I can use my laptop around the apartment, And my brother can move his computer into his room without having to put in another cable line.

There is sooo much I need to do before I leave. Like so much stuff I need to get. I need to get a membership to the gym over there. And I need a new showerhead because the one there is bad. I need a new computer desk chair because mine is broken...And I need to move all my stuff. I haven't even packed completely yet. gah. too much.

so I'm officially graduated.Graduation was fine I guess. I'm so glad to be out of there. When My name was called I heard my whole family screaming and my brother had the foghorn lol they were so loud. I totally got lost afterward though and couldnt fine my family. It was such a madhouse. Seriously there were way too many people in that confined space. I had to literally push people out of the way to get out. And omg the traffic. It took us an hour to get from the sadium to BJ's for dinner and normally it would take like 10 minutes. There were police and blocked off intersections and broken signals. It was crazy. It really stressed me out though. But I think I took some good pictures. I'm going to have to go to mhy brothers house and steal his digital camera card so I can go get a bunch of prints. God knows he won't do it.

When we finally did get to Bj's when we sat down. I seriously started bawling. For no reason whatsoever. Like well there probabaly is a reason but I can't pinpoint it. And everyone was like "What's wrong??" and I was just a mess. Gah. And then when I was opening my cards I couldn't read anything that anyone wrote because I knew it would be nice and I'd start crying again so I just stared at the cards for a few seconds and pretended I was reading it. Crazy. My sister got my stuff for my new pink girly bathroom and my other sister gave me money and made a date this weekend to go spend it on new bedsheets and a comforter. Which I really need. But thebest present of all was from all my brothers and my sister in law. A brand new laptop. I was seriously in shock. It was crazy. It's so exciting. I've always wanted a laptop. It's mainly just to take to school and like use sometimes. I have my desktop to keep all my music and pictures and all that stuff on.

In a few short days I'm going to be a Newportian(?) instead of a Yorba Lindian. It's amazing. I can't wait to get out of this house.
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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2006|11:38 pm]
um tomorrow is graduation. For shizzle. I'm not nervous or excited or anything...its just pretty blah. I might be a little nervous that I will fall on my face while I walk up to get my diploma holder thingy but besides that no big deal. I'm only excited about afterwards because I'm going out to dinner with my family and it will be really fun.

Today I turned in my application at starbucks in Newport. I tried to get to south coast plaza- I totalyl got lost. and then i tried to get back to the freeway....totally got lost again. I ended up in Santa Ana....don't even ask. I finally got home.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at 6:45 to get to the practice graduation in time. Gah. Not fun. then I have to go get my hair done. I'll be quite glad when this is over though.
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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2006|01:22 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |the shins]

umm so I'm no longer a high school student. It doesn't really feel liek it- like it hasn't registered yet.

I graduate on tuesday and this coming weekend if all goes according to plan I will move out of my parents house and into my brother's place. I'm quite excited. I've spent the last few weekend at my brother's place because it's way more exciting and not as hot there. very excited.

On Friday I applied to two Borders near my brother's house. I seriously had to answer 37 pages of like 'assesment' questions. It was retarded. Anyway. I'm so sick of trying to find a job. It's way too much work. And like you have to be this amazing person with like tons of experience and like amazing grades and at least 5 extra-ciricular activities to even be considered for a job. And they barely pay above minimum wage. It's so retarded. Just give me a job already.

Today my brother called and took me and my dad to the Anaheim Angel's game. It was ugh sooo boring. And sooo fucking hot. At the end of the game i swear I was ready to cry I was so hot and ugh. And i totally got sunburned. And like in a little V on my chest and like a farmer's tan on my arms. Its ugly. Plus my face got a little burnt. Eww. Then we went out to late lunch/ early dinner. Good thing I mentioned for seriously the 5th time that my car was acting funny. On Saturday I offered to drive my newphew to Lake Elsinore for a birthday party and ugh its so far. It seriously takes like 50 min. an hour to get there. And seriously the whole way there and especially back my car was acting weird. But it has been for awhile but it was worse this time. Like it's hard to accelerate like it takes a long time to get going and like when it shifts gears it totally lags behind like worse than a stick shift and its an automatic. And it has trouble getting up hills like I have to petal to the metal to get it up. It's bad. So my brother made a big deal out of it when I told him thank god, when i told my dad he like seriously ignored me. My brother thought it might be my transmition. So we checked it when we got home and apparently the transmition fluid was really low. And so we put some in and it drives so much better now. Like it's amazing. Seriously when i was driving back from elsinore I was wondering if my car would brake down and I asked my dad if he hadn't have checked the fluid what would have happened and he said eventually the car wouldn't be able to shift anymore and my car would just stop. That would have been wonderful.

Anyway at like 5:30 I drove to my brothers and we hung out watched Tv and blah. Talked about my moving in and how he has nightmares about living with mom and dad. Then I drove home at like 11 and I got to drive home on the freeway in the dark again- my favorite thing. It was magical.

I have so much to do tomorrow and tuesday. Tomorrow I have to wake up at a reasonable hour and go buy a dress to wear to graduation...but now that I'm thinking about it....maybe I'll just go get the dres slike in the afternoon insteaD? but meh maybe I should gte it over with...sleeping in just sounds so wonderful. Anyway after that is accomplished I must go to school to pick up my cap and gown. Then I have to drive all the way out to Newport again and turn in my application for the starbucks near my brothers house. And I think i need to drive around and get more applications from other places but I dont want to.

Then Tuesday I have to wake up at a ridiculous hour and go to the stadium to practice graduation. then I have to go to my sisters shop and get my hair done. then of course I have graduation I have to be there at like 5pm and its goin to take forever. it doesnt actually start until 6 pm and we have like 800 seniors graduating so it is going to take awhile. My whole family is comming so thats nice I suppose. And then we are all going out to BJ's- my favorite for dinner afterwards. And after that I have nothing to do the rest of the summer except get a stupid job. Gah.

I'm seriously addicted to grouphug.us I just read it all the time when I have spare time.
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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2006|11:09 pm]
[Current Mood |busybusy]

so tomorrow is the last day. I can't believe it. It seriously doesn't feel like it even a little bit. No more school work for the summer. No more classes, homework, studdying. It's crazy. I bought Mrs. Cronick an orchid. Its so pretty I'm going to post a pic at the end on the post. And I bought her a card thats blank inside that I haven't written in yet. I need to compose a nice letter before I go to sleep. And I also need to dry my hair before I go to sleep. And I'm tired. oh well.

I think I'm going to cry tomorrow even though it won't feel like the last day because I just know it will be. meh. we'll see.

here is the pretty orchid I have purchased for my teacher.
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2006|09:16 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |ten miles from nowhere- five for fighting]

So I voted today. It was pretty amazing. I was really proud of myself because very few young people vote. Like I dont know anyone who voted even though practically everyone I know is over 18. Of course none of them are even halfway interested in politics so. And I was so surprised while I was there like two other people were registered Democrats out of like 4 people, I went after school so there was like no one there. So surprised. I thought I would be like seriously one of the only Democrats in Orange County. Orange County is the most grossly Republican county in California- no doubt. Because its such a wealthy county. It makes me cry to be surrounded by Republicans. What do you expect, I live in the city where Richard Nixon was born. They've made like a shrine of his childhood home and theres a Richard Nixon Library and everything. It's gross. Thank God I live in a blue state though regardless of my county.

And then I also went and got my yearbook after school. I hate I'm going to have to lug my yearbook around for the next two days. And I haate signing yearbooks. Its sooo fake. Like you write the same stupid thing in everyone's yearbook, stuff you don't even mean. I guess since it's Senior year though its more important.

I can't believe we only have two more days left...Seriously it's so crazy. But good. I just finished my two day physics final today and I started my two day Trig final which was death. and we finish that tomorrow obviously and I took my English final today and then I have my econ final tomorrow too and then I'm done. Gah.

Christa called me last night and we like just talked. It was nice since we never talk ont he phone anymore. She's having a huge bonfire at the beach after school on Thursday but I don't know if I want to go. All her strange friends will be there so I dont know how enjoyable it will be.

ugh I need a job asap. I love how I keep saying that yet i do nothing about it. I'm going to fill out an application for Borders and then I got an application from this Starbucks by my brother's place too so I'm going to turn that in like this weekend. Yes. And then I'll go to fashion Island and get applications from every store in there and turn those all in. I'll have a job in no time. yup.
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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2006|11:38 pm]
[Current Mood |goodgood]
[Current Music |strange and beautiful- aqualung]

ummm today. I surprisingly wasn't home at all. I woke up at around 11 and my brother Mike had called and so I called him back. He wanted to take my car in to get the passenger door put on keyless entry and fix my alarm because it was waaay too sensitive. It seriously went off when loud cars drove by. So we dropped it off and went down to the utterly amazing Birch street. We went to the new Yardhouse restaurant and had lunch and then we walked down to the cinema and watched The Break Up. Which was really really very funny. I really liked it. I love Vince Vaughn. Then we went to starbucks and picked up my new and improved car.

Yesterday my dad tried putting more freon in my car. Theres a leak in the....whatever holds the freon. Hence when it loses all the freon my air conditioning doesnt work. So my dad put some more in last night to see how it would work. It works ok, but not really to my satisfaction. In a normal car when you turn on the air all the way, you're absolutely freezing. In my car when you turn the air on full blast it borders on pleasant. But still it's a hundred times better than sweating through your shirt after being in the car for 5 minutes and praying the light will turn green so you can start moving to get air coming through the windows. And Thank God because today it was 100 degrees in Yorba Linda. 100 fucking degrees. And its only early June. As soon as I got home from being with Mike I immeadiately left again. Our house, like I said, has no air conditioning. and its like seriously a heat trap. Its like 20 degrees hotter in the house than outside. So I ran away. I called my other brothers Brian and David and asked what they were doing down in Newport. They said nothing so I told them I was coming over.

Its like 15 degrees cooler in Newport all the time so it's wonderful. When I got down there I we just hung out for a bit but then we went to Sgt. Pepperoni's pizza haha. It's awesome. It has Beatles stuff all over the place- amazing. And the pizza is to die for. I had to talk to Ximena too. She was home. She usually is gone all weekends because shes a flight attendant but she was 'sick' this weekend. She's such a bitch ugh. Maybe she'll abandon my brother before they get married. I want him to be happy but she is seriously no good for him. Ugh. anyroad.

Driving down to the beach was amazing. Right after getting off the freeway you go down the street that goes right by the back bay. And it was late afternoon so the night was all low and sparkling on the water and there was a flock of seagulls that were flying low just a few feet over the cars driving by the bay and it was kind of amazing. I was just kinda struck by how beautiful it was just at that moment. It made me happy. And when I drove home it was dark and driving home on the freeway at night is the best thing ever. Just being alone in your car listening to music and driving fast and it being dark is amazing. I love it more than anything.

Tomorrow I'm going to the swapmeet. I'm getting up at 7 am ugh. But hoorah I'm finally ordering my furniture hopefully it will only take like a week to get it delivered to my brothers place. and I then all I need to get is a desk, chair, and a new matress set. and then I'll be all set. Counting the days until I move out.

I only have 4 more days of school. Its soo surreal. I have all my finals this week, its crazy. I can't believe its all over. I seriously am going to miss that school. As much as I can't wait to get out. The last day of school will be sad.

I got my hard license in the mail today. My picture is quite bad. Oh well.

I need to get a job immeadiately. Immediately.
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